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A very good morning to Mrs Pet, Mr Shezi, staff and fellow learners of New Forest High School. It gives me great pleasure to stand here today addressing you as the Head Boy of New Forest High School 2020. First and foremost I would like to thank God for the wonderful opportunity he has has given me this year to be the Head Prefect of such a fine establishment and a big thank you to all the teachers for having belief in me going the distance. I would like to thank all of you for your support thus far and I hope I can take this school, our family, to greater heights, but this can only be possible if we work together as one.
One thing I'm sure we all want when things come to an end is to be remembered, nobody wants to fade into the background, or fade away like an echo. As a school we need to try to be the voice, not the echo. The voice is what we remember, and what creates the echo, and each of your voices are unique, make sure you use them.
I believe this is how we can make New Forest High School a better place and a place we can be proud of. So, start looking at the bigger picture, and how things will look not today, but tomorrow. Work with the staff to be the best version of yourself possible in all that you do. I would like to say on behalf of all the prefects, don't hesitate to come talk to anyone of us, whether it's a simple hello or something more complicated, we are here to assist you through your experience. We are looking forward to working with each and everyone of you throughout all we have planned for 2020. We are here to strengthen this family and to further the vision of the school. Always remember, one school, one badge, one family.
Throughout your life you will always learn new things. During the course of this year, the most important advice I want to give you is to take your chances with both hands because one small opportunity could take you to great places. You just never know where it might lead you. You all have the responsibility to always be your best self and that starts with doing the small things. If we take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. If we look after each other in here, nothing can stop us out there. We'll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather, cold or warm. Let's set the standard, let's be the example and let's take this school to the top
Find your own opportunities. Always bounce back and don't stress out about the little set backs you may encounter along the way, as they are the platform for your comeback. I invite all of you this year, to seize every opportunity you are given, to grow, refine and learn new skills. Be the voice, try see the world from others perspective, remember the little things you do matter, take this year and use it as a stepping stone into how you want to live the rest of your life. Together with your peers, your friends, your teachers, you can leave a legacy that you can be proud of and become the person you hope to be tomorrow, today. To finish the speech, I'd like to end with a quote many of you may have heard, and it's just something we should always remember, and that is : "If it's meant to be, it's up to me"
Thank you.
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