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Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Greeting to Mrs Pet, Mr Shezi, Staff and fellow learners of New Forest High School. When I thought about what to say to everyone today, I thought about what I wish to hear at the beginning of each year because I truly believe how you start the year is a reflection of how you want to end the year and what you wish to get out of it. It sets the tone for your journey you are about to embark on.

Some of us here may not have ended last year the way we wanted to. We may not have achieved the goals we had set for ourselves and were not satisfied with ourselves. To you who resonates with this, I say start now! Let this be your motto for then brand new year. Don’t wait for tomorrow because a year from now you are going to wish you had started today. This is a whole new beginning for you to set the tone for what you want to get out of 2020, work towards your goals and be proactive from the on set. Build on your strengths and overcome your weakness to get what you want out of this year and consistency will play a big role.

There are also some of us who were able to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves in the previous year. To you, I say keep working hard! Personally I believe being in a place of comfortability where you see no improvements is a very dangerous place because someone is out there working twice as hard to get where you might be and get to that position. Don't let the fact that you achieved your goals deter you from working just as hard in maintaining them and improving them, the sky is only the view nothing can limit you.

For everyone a new year is a clean slate. Today you have a blank, white canvas. The brush, the paint and the final picture all come from you. Make it count.
Thank you.
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